ArtzFolio Fire Show 2 Printed Bulletin Board Notice Pin Board cum Natural Brown Framed Painting 14.3 x 12inch

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Farbe:Antique Gold Frame

Größe:14.3inch x 12inch (36.3cms x 30cms)



  • MATERIAL: Luxurious & versatile printed pinboard fabric with a natural finish and high colour fastness
  • WITH FRAMING: Premium cork board with self-healing adaptive quality fitted with Natural Brown colour synthetic fibre frame (not wooden) of 0.75 inch width
  • INCLUSIVE OF: Fabric-covered framed bulletin board / notice board / pin-up board including a hook at the back for easy hanging and removal from the wall.
  • OTHER FEATURES: Premium quality art materials printed with eco-friendly UV resistant inks for bright and rich colours which are easy to clean. The texture and weight of the canvas brings fine art reproductions one step closer to the originals, while the matte finish gives them a softness that invites attention. Must be protected from sunlight, extreme temperature, dust and moisture to ensure long life.
  • NOTE: Product pictures are only for display & informational purpose. Actual product size may vary than what is shown in the display images since display images are not measured to scale. Final product colours may vary slightly from the display image due to the difference in printing resolution and digital resolution of various computer or mobile screen.

|| SIZE: 14.3inch x 12inch (36.3cms x 30cms): including 0.5 inch wide Natural Brown Frame

  • Multipurpose designer fabric-covered cork board, pin board, notice board or bulletin board to enhance the beauty of your home & office space.
  • Ideal for personal usage in your living room, kids room, kitchen, and gallery, as well as for hotels, hospitals, lobbies, school, restaurants, office, and reception.


  • Hand-crafted, hand assembled, and made to perfection.
  • Framed, light-weighted, durable, and easy to carry.
  • Fitted with hanging hooks at the back for easy installation.
  • Crafted to last long and create an appealing impression on your friends & relatives.


  • Bulletin /notice board to pin up your reminders and to manage your to-do lists.
  • Photo display board to display photos.
  • Use it as a wall art panel or wall hanging for your home/office.
  • Keeps your space 100% clean and clear of paper clutter.


  • Breathtaking artworks printed on top fabric layer using state-of-the-art technology adds to its uniquely distinctive feature compared to any other board available in the market.
  • High-end printing technology captures every bit of image detail on premium natural fabrics, ensuring rich and lively colours.

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